You are not alone.

Connect with like-minded business leaders and run a successful business!

Through Kingdom Business Leaders (KBL), members have access to resources that help them become top-tier business people and run successful businesses with clear purposes, not only in the marketplace but in life.

We base everything we do on the only tried-and-true source for results—the Bible.

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What Kingdom Business Leaders offers:


Relevant and exclusive content delivered through innovative technology.


Engaging events and training sessions with top leaders.


The opportunity to build authentic relationships in a safe and protected environment.


The ability to establish your work and leadership in God’s original design and purpose for your life.

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Who can be a part of Kingdom Business Leaders?

Our heart is to serve every businessperson possible. Currently, candidates for Kingdom Business Leaders fall into two main categories, with different opportunities for each.

Business Owners

A business owner is defined as someone who owns a majority interest in the business they lead.

Business Leaders

A business leader is defined as someone who manages and leads a group of people inside an organization.

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